Why the future is Asian’s

Asians’ astounding impact on the global economy

Since then we have been paying attention to a lot of things, maintaining democracy — globalization — the rise of E-commerce — financial crisis — the advent of technologies, etc. Asians country has been very steadily, diligently integrating themselves.

One Belt One Road

In the future, China would be able to issue soft powers over the partnering countries and manipulate the largest labor forces in the world (China, India and the ASEAN)

There are currently 6 economic corridors and 2 financial initiatives:

Cultural Impact

The outflow of the Asian population has also impacted the Asian economy, the average IQ of Asians have excelled the Americans and Europeans because most Asians have taught to be hard-working. It is because most Asians couldn’t afford an education to get out of poverty in the past during war times and nowadays parents have passed on this thought through generations. The norm where most Americans/British school has the most Asians as international students can also be explained this way.


Asian countries are in that perfect position now, their competitiveness has aligned or excelled the Americans in global capital markets, geopolitical stability, infrastructure investment.

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