What is the Future of Tutoring?

Case Study on Beacon College — The Hong Kong Tutor Kingdom

Beacon College, owned by BExcellent Group Holdings Ltd (SEHK:1775), is a tutoring kingdom with 60,000 students enrolled in its subject courses, mock examinations, self-paced online classes, and university information sessions, etc. In 2019 alone, Beacon has held over 546,000 class sessions in its 13 locations, with over 600,000 enrolled students.

Source: Financial Times

Hong Kong Education System

University Admission for Universities in Hong Kong is either be held through Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS) or International Baccalaureate/SAT (Non-JUPAS, mostly for international students). Domestic students mostly compete in JUPAS with their DSE scores. Each university program has a specific requirement for subjects and minimum scores. Some more competitive programs required supplementary applications and interviews. However, most programs do only required test scores and perhaps reference letters.

Beacon Value Proposition

  1. Teaching Expertise
Picture of Beacon College Booklet, likely to be 200+ pages long
Source: Rockin it out Hong Kong

What is the future of Tutoring? Is Beacon’s Business Model Feasible in North America?

Difference between Kumon and Beacon College
Tutor Streaming Business Flywheel


The future of education can be prevailing and interesting. COVID reminded us of the internet’s power to connect individuals, as well as the value of digital content. There are companies like Instructure and 2U that aid universities in taking their educational (career) support to another level in education. Meanwhile, the tutoring industry has not yet changed much for a long time. The unstandardized supply of tutors, high churns from students, lack of academic support from materials, and the ambitious need for achievements will fuel future innovations.

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