The End of Humanity in Hong Kong

2019 June 12— Hong Kong — 2029 — Xiāng Gǎng

Marvel Studio Present: The Avengers Endgame

I will shred this universe down to its last atom and then, with the stones you’ve collected for me, create a new one teeming with life that knows not what it has lost but only what it has been given. A grateful universe.

“Born out of blood.”

“They’ll never know it. Because you won’t be alive to tell them.”

When comparing Asians with Americans, Asians tend to be collectivistic because they always have a great sense of belonging. Now Hong Kongers are encountering the loss of home

I am a christian, and I had never pray as vulnerable as I am now.

Regarding this article’s background, I have written an introductory of the details and implications in

June 9th, Hong Kong Government has proceeded the Extradition proposal to the 2nd stage despite the 1.03 million huge valleys. On a Wednesday, June 12, conflict continued where thousands of citizens along with local businesses ceased their operation to gather outside of the government building. This time the Hong Kongers’ have attracted more attention from international journals than the last protest.

Starting from 8am, traffic was absolutely congested where over 20 accidents had happened everywhere along Hong Kong Island, over a 250 businesses have taken time off and gathered at Admiralty, High-school students decided to skip school/exams to come and lawyers who might risk their job security by expressing subjective political stand. Alike Umbrella Movement, citizens have set up its resources and medical stations in preparation of any pepper spray and rubber gun conflicts.

Journalists from BBC, WSJ, New York Times etc have also arrived and local Journals have recorded live streams for the entire protest progress. In early morning, Hong Kong police have taken over Admiralty station and checked whoever is taking an exit to that station, which is allegedly preparing for I.D tracking after the protest.

Prior to the violent conflict began at 3 pm, the police department has taken a group photo in the Legislative Council building which does not necessarily make sense. Confronting a protest against Hong Kong Citizen, why did the police department take group photos like they were completing at sports or preparing for hunts.

Everything has turned uncontrollable afterward, Police has pressed the public protest with extreme violence with Rubber Gun, Pepper Spray, Physical violence. Upon 10 pm, 72 injuries (50 males & 22 females) had recorded where 2 injuries are in danger and 10 disappearances. There are three incidents I would really want to address on top of the violence they assert to citizens: (1) Rejected Ambulance from accessing patients, (2) Shot foreign journalists without warnings/reasons, (3)Ignored all voices from the outside

1. Rejected Ambulance from accessing patients

Several life-death incidents had happened within the protest, protestants have managed to spare space for the ambulance to enter for medical assistance for injured victims. As a human being, life above all things is pretty easy to understand even as a child knows. Despite the tense situations occurring between protestants and police, it is illegal yet extremely unacceptable for Hong Kong police, as the guardians of the city to reject ambulance from accessing patients.

2. Shot Foreign Journalist

The journalist’s responsibility towards the public excels any other responsibility, particularly towards employers and public authorities. On June 12th, they have risked their life to report protest progress in the frontline. Although they have worn the reflective vest which is designated for presses, the Hong Kong Police took action and shot them, which defeated and ignored the basic right of information, to freedom of expression.

3. Ignored noises from the outside

In an interview during the protest, Carrie Lam, the chief executive of Hong Kong was asked if she had betrayed Hong Kong Citizens by feeding the China government with Hong Kong resources. She refused in spite of pushing the legislation change regardless to these protests and injuries. She insisted to continue with the Extradition proposal which would be finalized on June 20 latest.


  • Bank of China might face an insolvency issue because of an $7 million dollars withdrawal from citizens
  • Billion dollars have lost within the stock crash in Hong Kong stock market, an average 2% decrease has recorded from just these 5 days
  • Education Bureau has initiated class-free protest period for the rest of the week where schools in Hong Kong are not going to open this week, in support to the protest.
  • Hong Kong Bar Association, the sole professional regulatory body for barristers in Hong Kong, has sent an open letter to Carrie Lam in proposing the consequences of practicing the Extradition Law
  • 7 former Bureau president and Executive Officers have declared their objection to the Extradition policy change, 126 votees (1/9 of total votees) the Chief Executive Election voters have proposed a reelection of Hong Kong’s new Chief Executive


  • Several thousands citizens in Taiwan had initial supporting campaign regards to Hong Kong’s tragedy, over 300 people had fasted 24 hours to express their anger towards Hong Kong government and police.
  • In England, thousands of people have sat down together in June 11 in order to oppose to Extradition policy. Along with Japan, South Korea and Sydney, they have played live stream within their country in major media channel in order to raise awareness from its citizens.
  • Amnesty International, a globally-recognized human right advocacy has blamed on Hong Kong police illegal and unethical treatments to protestants
  • G20 countries have expressed concerns over Carrie Lam’s purpose of executing Extradition at all cost.

My Message to Hong Kong Police

When I was appointed as the ambassador for my high school, I took the title with ultimate pride. As police, you guys are the ambassador of your city and country, no matter what position are you in, it is a job with ultimate pride and should be treated with respect.

Also, I wonder if you remember what have you said during your testimonial ceremony at the first day of being a police, “Serving Hong Kong citizens with respects”, “Maintain a peaceful environment in the community”, “Remain politically objective”, “Ethical standard and life are treated above rules”. It is heartbreaking to see what have you done to Hong Kong.

In 1992 February, two guards who were guarding the Berlin War, Ingo Heinrich and Andreas Kuehnpast had shot a young man who was trying to fleed away from West Germany. The judge Theodor Seidel had said, “Out of the world of law, there is humanity and when they happened to be against each other, humanity would be prioritized over the law because humanity is the most prestigious traits we have over animals. Refuse to execute orders is sinful but mis-shooting isn’t.”

A Chinese Philosopher Hu Shih has also said, “A thriving country, political and economic responsibilities are carried by adults while teenagers are developing their subject interest and mating opposite sex. In contrast to a corrupted country, without the presence of democracy, then political responsibilities would fall into students. (Hu Shih’s Voice 1919–1960)

My Message to Hong Kong Citizens

As I, was not able to participate in this Extradition protest war, I was intrigued by the efforts Hong Kongers have put into it. I am doing my best to get as many people as I can to spend a few minutes and see what actually has happened in Hong Kong.

Please keep up with the good work and act accordingly. Wear black mask and goggles if possible to avoid pepper spray and being identified, always notify one of your friends and relatives before you head out to Central, also please send messages to make sure people who had gone to Central if they need anything. If you are parents who children, don’t bring them at this stage and please let your colleagues, older parents, overseas friends know what is actually happening now.

Last but not least, I would want to remind you of the story in Thor 3: Ragnorak. When Hela was released by the death of Odin, she has manipulated the entire Asgard with her power and the Asgardians had to flee into a cave. Heimdall, the guardian of Asgard said, ‘Asgardians is not a place, it is a people.” I want to tell you guys that Hong Kong spirit and culture is portable and it is happening everywhere in the world, if the worst scenario happened, be hopeful and there are always other ways to sustain our culture.

I am a Christian, and I had never prayed as vulnerable as I am now.



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