Revelation of Hong Kong 5 Months Protests

Source: The New York Times

Hey! Before reading this, we know the Chinese government is ruling over Hong Kong government, we know there are bloody conflicts between the protestants and the police, we know the extradition bill has already taken back, but something we don’t know or we might not have thought is that since when there was a protest that was held for purely political purpose, since when there was a protest that has driven for months and have gained international tractions, since when there were a group of people have already written their death messages before going out to help their peers out from dangers. We shall take a moment to appreciate these guys, for the selfless sacrifices and mindful persistence. Anyways, Let’s begin…..

Since June, international affairs such as Trade war pullbacks, Governmental body elections, Brexit and National Day of the Republic of China have happened that Hong Kong has progressed its peaceful marches to protests that turned to wars. Hong Kong Protests were able to sustain this long and gain so many tractions are because of the lesson learned from the Umbrella Movement in 2015 and China’s growing stakes in global politics. There is a lot to talk about, but I have summarized my takes from the revolution into a few parts:

Government Strategy:

  • Lucifer Management in Police Force
  • Media & Gangster (Triads)
  • Emergency Regulations Ordinance
  • University Invasions

International Stance:

  • Corporates reluctance to comment
  • Global support from Human Rights societies, academia, justice groups
  • Hong Kong acts as first-mover directly against the Chinese Government

Hong Kong Scenarios

  • Yellow Economic Circle
  • Arrested Testimonies
  • Changing Stances from Against to Support
  • Adapt Improvise Overcome

Government Strategy

Lucifer Management — Good people can be induced, seduced, and initiated into behaving in evil ways.

The Hong Kong Police Force has removed policemen disciplinary against protestors, by removing displayed information on his uniform, therefore no one could trace back to the person who was liable for any shootings, sexual abuse or violence. Police Force in Hong Kong has all worked towards the same goal to arrest as many youngsters as possible and having themselves unidentified enables them to do whatever they want, as to achieve management’s goal, as well as personal desire. Interestingly, the drawback of the management is that when upon the reformation of the government, the police force will receive trials altogether because since the first day they have hidden their identification evidence, they would need to bear any consequences altogether.

Modern Political Tools: Media, Gangsters and Police

International presence was crucial to Hong Kong and was the only reason why Hong Kong has gained so many tractions. To resolve the protests, the government has attempted to combat utilizing media, gangsters and police force. In North America, the impact of media has magnified with internet, journalists with different stances have taken different approach to report current events inaccurately; In China, and Hong Kong, anti-protest medias such as TVB have created fake contents that are against protestants and avoided reporting any contents that are against the police force and triads — as to seek support from the inattentive population. Triads have also taken the lead as oppression against protestors when they have stabbed and beaten general citizens up, as to create a fearful environment where people should not wear black and speak up to that topic.

Emergency Regulation Ordinance has broken the Government structure (Judicial, Executive and Legislative)

Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong had surpassed the Executive and Legislation Council’s decisions and legislated the Anti-Mask law according to The Emergency Regulations Ordinance. In the past, any laws need to pass the Judicial, Executive and Legislative branch in order to be established, but now any bills or ordinance can be passed overnight under Chief Executive. It is a big deal as police can arrest youngsters without reasons and have also caused injustices — how is it fair to have police with masks on and population without masks on, but not the other way around. This act has further proven government’s ignorance against the population’s five demands, in the meantime Police force’s usage of guns has further loosened and it eventually turned public conflicts to bloody violence.

University Massacres (Chinese University — Polytechnic)

In November 10, the police force has invaded the Chinese University of Hong Kong, which is home to a lot of protestors and bright minds, also their principal Rocky S. Tuan has previously condemned Police force for sexually assaulted CUHK students. On 12 November alone, over 2,600 tear gas has been thrown to the campus by over three thousand police forces, CUHK has stopped operating and most students are trapped in the university by Police force without medical aids. It has once again put Hong Kong back into a global newspaper headline, also received further condemnation by Japanese, Taiwan, South Korea politicians.

Overall, Hong Kong leaderships might be placed in the middle between Chinese authorities and Hong Kong Citizens. It is difficult to manage to fulfill both interests but it is wrong to show no efforts of resolving the problems and utilize the police force as a political tool against Hong Kong’s population.

International Stance

Apart from NBA, companies like Facebook, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, Activision Blizzard, Cathay Pacific, etc have gotten censored, condemned or removed from the Chinese market. Leadership from most financial institutions like Jamie Dimon, Michael Corbat and Big4 have shifted away from respecting their employees to practice their freedom of political expression strictly against their employees to be associated with this violence. All of these are contributed from the growth of the Chinese market and the opportunities to be benefited by accessing the market, the growing reliance towards the Chinese market has further sharpened the companies’ management stance to be more pro-China and align their values with them, which are apparent to the gaming and luxury industry,

Major incidents like 6.12, 7.21, 8.31, 10.1, 11.11 have received much criticism from Human right organization, social impact societies, and justice groups, as police forces have abused their power against the citizens, governments are taking selective execution approach towards protestors and triads crimes. People from overseas have started to pay attention to the events and noticed the difference between the past and now.

Pessimistically speaking, Hong Kong protestors are the first group of people who are standing directly against the Chinese government, not the United States or Japan. Economically, Hong Kong has contributed to 70% of foreign investment in China and had taken the role as the Asia financial hub; Socially, Hong Kong citizens are able to speak on Chinese politics because they have known China’s history well enough and was able to tell the difference between the developed westernized democratic world and the emerging centralized Xi’s censorship system.

Indeed, the Chinese political environment might not be looking as bright as they look on the outside. Externally, Xi has formed any uneconomical-rapports with foreign countries as he has not received any congratulates from any country on National Day, yet Xi’s aggression was noticed and caused fearfulness to leadership. Internally, Xi has delayed the 14th National People’s Congress for over a year to address his vision at Trade War, Hong Kong Protests and the future of China. Which are bad signs of the Chinese leader, the downturn of China might not be being suppressed by other countries — but facing internal conflict from themselves, just like China’s history?

Hong Kong Scenarios

One of the biggest observation you will see if you have visited Hong Kong is that they only mess with selective restaurants and visit specific restaurants. That is about the “yellow economic circle”, a database that differentiates restaurants that are pro-protestants (yellow), indifferent to protest (grey) and anti-protestants (blue). Citizens prefer to spend money on yellow restaurants and see it as a form of supporting the revolution. Lee Ka Shing, the richest man in Hong Kong has also taken initiative to support poor-doing restaurants in the economic downturn.

Secondly, the government’s intention to divide protestants and supporters up by utilizing undercover, media and triad have not yet succeeded. However, through increasing brutality and ignorance on human rights, they were able to reunite protestants and the Islam, Catholic community together by breaking the trust minority groups have on the police force. The abuse use of tear gas has also hugely affected not just protestants’ health but people in the neighborhood, innocent anti-protestors who were being thrown tear gas at experienced tear gases have started to question the government and its executive body as well.

Thirdly and most importantly, when the people of Hong Kong get arrested, they will be yelling their names to others around and announcing that they will not commit suicide. It has become the common consensus that the police kills and frame the victim’s death as “suicides”. In 2019, over 2600 suicides were reported, the worse thing is that no one has come to admit those dead bodies, which implies that their relatives might have also suffered or they have hidden protestants bodies and thrown unidentified bodies from the past down the building.

Hong Kong’s revolution has impacted Catalonia people too, as in strategy as well as their spirit of unity. They can adapt, improvise and overcome physical oppression such as tear gas, personal protection, media oppression such as utilizing telegram for communication and varying platforms for informing foreigners, economic oppression by helping one another out by devoting time, energy.

I have attached a link to the Hong Kong Police Force evidences of practicing abusive power, available in Traditional Chinese, English and Japanese.

Vote for Hong Kong Protestors as Person of the Year 2019 to raise greater awareness



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