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Let’s unravel the key reasonings FOR and AGAINST the passport system.

COVID-19 Passport, also known as proof of vaccination record. The passport offers validation on one’s immunization to COVID-19 so that authorities or enterprises can ensure minimal transmission risk within a certain group of people who are getting together.

Source: CommonPass App

For example, if you would like to travel from Canada to Hong Kong, you need to log your vaccination record or COVID-testing result into an application like CommonPass before departure. …

Let’s reveal different ways a creator can monetize its brand influencer, and see what the future of influencer ventures looks like.

As a very immature YouTuber with 3 videos to date. I have always found the idea of content creation to be very fascinating and is often misunderstood to a large extent. Having watched a good amount of Youtube channels vary from HK creators (Manner Production, FH Production) to UK (Ali Abdaal) to US (MrBeast, Emma Chamberlin, MKBHD, Graham Stephen, David Dobrik).

It is intuitive to conclude that Youtubers, creators on the Youtube Platform are extending their presence and creating…

At Queens Gambit, Beth Harmon’s character development demonstrated few of the many characteristics of an Adult-Children of Alcoholics.

Similarly, spoilers alert — if you have not yet watched Queens Gambit, I would not recommend you to continue reading the article!!!!!


Adult Children of Alcoholics, also known as ACOA. The term often refers to individuals who grew up in a dysfunctional or isolated family, just like Beth. These people had an unpleasant childhood memory to look back and had no role models to follow at a very young and critical timing of their lives.

According to the book Adult Children of…

Note: spoilers ahead. You may want to go back to this post after you’ve watched the series.

“Startup”, tells the story of people in the world of start-ups. Sandbox is basically South Korea’s fictional Silicon Valley.

Source: Forbes (Suzy casting Dalmi, the CEO of )

Before we talk about the nitty-gritty — Moonshot Incubator. I wanted to talk about Sandbox — the setting of the scene in ‘Start-Up,’ a Korean drama that depicted the bright journey of a startup and a ‘coincidental’ love story.

Sandbox started by Yoon Seon-Hak, a venture capitalist who was inspired after hearing from Dalmi’s (Suzy’s) father talking about how he always filled the bottom…

Leveraging Data— Case Study on Tesla, Lemonade

Source: Twitter @teslainsurance, Lemonade Insurance Website


Insurance, standalone represents a $4 trillion mature market in the world. It is a B2C enterprise game that is becoming increasingly data-driven and requires an extremely high amount of capital to break in.

As Technology evolves in the past decade, the competitive landscape of the insurance industries has changed. Insurances companies are looking to distinguish themselves with more than just a better investment portfolio, lower loss ratio, or lower policy churns. Some insurance companies are eyeing out for strategic partnerships with private equity companies, some insurance companies are investing heavily into InsurTech in a specific product (e.g …

Unveiling the Cloud Gaming Competitive Dynamics

Source: Patently Apple

On May 16, 2019, Sony Corporation (Sony) and Microsoft Corp. (Microsoft) announced a strategic partnership on new innovations to enhance customer experiences in their direct-to-consumer entertainment platforms — PS5 and Xbox. The collaboration introduced strong backward compatibility between PS5 and Xbox Series X, where NOW you can crossplay Fortnite with your friends using a console from the other brand.

“When you talk about Nintendo and Sony, we have a ton of respect for them, but we see Amazon and Google as the main competitors going forward,”

Xbox Head Phil Spencer

Case Study on Beacon College — The Hong Kong Tutor Kingdom

Beacon College, owned by BExcellent Group Holdings Ltd (SEHK:1775), is a tutoring kingdom with 60,000 students enrolled in its subject courses, mock examinations, self-paced online classes, and university information sessions, etc. In 2019 alone, Beacon has held over 546,000 class sessions in its 13 locations, with over 600,000 enrolled students.

Source: Financial Times

The tutoring industry dynamics is highly subject to the regional education systems, including course delivery, examination methods, and standardization across schools. For instance, Hong Kong, Canada, and the United States have entirely different curriculum, admission standards, and competitiveness. …

How Tesla decided to roll-out their FSD services

As full-self-driving (FSD) technology continues to roll out across the world. It is fascinating to ponder about the future of FSD. Will there be a monopoly in FSD who licenses its technology to all EV manufacturers? Will automakers develop their own FSD technologies that are embedded in their vehicles only? Or else, will that be multiple developers in the FSD space operating like an oligopoly?

The year 2020 marked a significant year for EV development and FSD development. …

Social Media is just as old as I am, around 20-year-old.

Source: Fox Business

The development of social media had all begun from Facebook when it introduced social feeds with friends request, then we have Twitter by limiting texts within a digestible 140-word box. We have Instagram innovating by making everyone a better photographer (with a single filter). We have Snapchat which uses AR and face cognitions, and now in 2020, we have Tiktok — incorporating music into short viral videos.

Taking a precedent view in hindsight, many could argue that to win, social media needs to (1) sorting the right contents to…

Studying at Business School is a Glorious Self-Discovery Journey.

Source: Unsplash

Rewinding back to highschool, there are two kinds of people. Science students and Business students. Often business students get looked down on because high school business curriculums are not as strict as science courses, most of the courses, are not mandatory either.

I identified myself as an analytical person who is interested in entrepreneurship, so I decided to go for a business program at Ivey. Filled in my application without thinking too much, submitted, and was admitted in later in the year.

In the first year of university, there has been…

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