TDLR: Every Big Tech Company Is Buying Up Media Company

If you look at what is happening in the BigTech M&A landscape, you’ll start to notice BigTech (mostly fintech) companies are secretly racing to build the “SuperApp” (Square acquiring Tidal, Robinhood acquiring MarketSnacks, Abrdn acquiring Finimize).

Early October, a rumour about “PayPal is looking to acquire Pinterest” emerged. PayPal’s stock…

Today marks the date when I turn my student blog into a professional blog.

In June 2019, which was the first summer of university, I decided to start a medium blog to capture some of my shower thoughts on businesses. Fast forward to December 2021, I have grown so much as a person, and I believe it is time for me to turn this student blog into a professional blog.

Starting from today, I want to take this medium to the next level, with the goal to professionalize this medium blog. In the future, you can expect to see my forward-looking opinion on the creator economy and emerging technologies (it will be totally different from what you see on media) I am very excited about this new chapter and I also want to thank you all for sticking along.


Alex Ha

Let’s unravel the key reasonings FOR and AGAINST the passport system.


COVID-19 Passport, also known as proof of vaccination record. The passport offers validation on one’s immunization to COVID-19 so that authorities or enterprises can ensure minimal transmission risk within a certain group of people who are getting together.

Source: CommonPass App


Let’s reveal different ways a creator can monetize its brand influencer, and see what the future of influencer ventures looks like.

As a very immature YouTuber with 3 videos to date. I have always found the idea of content creation to be very fascinating and is often misunderstood to a…

Leveraging Data— Case Study on Tesla, Lemonade

Source: Twitter @teslainsurance, Lemonade Insurance Website


Insurance, standalone represents a $4 trillion mature market in the world. It is a B2C enterprise game that is becoming increasingly data-driven and requires an extremely high amount of capital to break in.

As Technology evolves in the past decade, the competitive landscape of the insurance industries has changed. Insurances…

Case Study on Beacon College — The Hong Kong Tutor Kingdom

Beacon College, owned by BExcellent Group Holdings Ltd (SEHK:1775), is a tutoring kingdom with 60,000 students enrolled in its subject courses, mock examinations, self-paced online classes, and university information sessions, etc. In 2019 alone, Beacon has held over 546,000 class sessions in its 13 locations, with over 600,000 enrolled students.

Source: Financial Times

Alex Ha

Technology Enthusiast | Student Content Creator

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